“A fountain of knowledge”

"I can't recommend Stephanie highly enough. After a difficult birth she was a genuine guiding light on my breastfeeding journey and made the whole experience less daunting. Stephanie is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to all things boobie/baby related and provided support both in our home and remotely by email to help ease my anxieties. Would recommend anyone looking for an expert lactation consultant to get in touch with her!" 

— C.B.Z.

“Steph is so much fun”

"I've worked with other LC's, and I cannot say enough good things about Stephanie.  She has helped me with both my babies - both really different experiences and both made even more wonderful with her professional help, guidance, and care. Stephanie is so much fun (seriously, I want to go hang out with her now just writing this)!  She really knows her stuff, is constantly learning, and is up to date on all the latest developments in her field. Finally, Stephanie was always super quick to respond to questions over email or make appointments - and this is HUGE when you're in the newborn haze.  She doesn't rush through your appointment. AND, my insurance covered my appointments with her!" 

— R.R.

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“Help arrived in the way of Steph”

“We are two Moms (Mommy and Momma) and we had two babies (twins!)! You would think with two of us Mommy figures, we would have it down. We DIDN’T!! We took all the classes…some twice! And read all the things! But, the four of us in our house were clueless (and that included the babies. very clueless babies. who knew?!). ;) What we did know to do was sound the alarm for help! And help arrived in the way of Steph…in our home! We stayed in our pajamas the whole time! Yes! That day changed us as Moms. We affectionately call it “Steph Boob Day” in our house every year! No. Seriously! Champagne on that night! Breastfeeding for my wife was never always easy or fun, but parenting in general is never always easy or fun. My wife will tell you, though, that breastfeeding our treasures made her feel more like a Mom than anything else she has ever done. We loved the journey and we have Steph to thank for that.” 

— K.S.

“Steph taught our family how to be a family.”

“We are a LGBTQ+ family and identify as two Dads. We have one amazing daughter who we love more than anything! When we knew our daughter was coming to us via an incredible gestational carrier, we wanted to offer our daughter the best first food we could, just like all other parents want for their children. My husband and I knew we wanted our daughter to get as much breast milk as she could for the best start we could offer her, but we obviously did not have lactating breasts between the two of us as we are both men. We hired Steph and she taught us SO MUCH! The breastfeeding/chestfeeding field is so vast and we have learned that IBCLC’s are so special, and so undervalued, in their knowledge and training. Steph, quite simply, taught our family how to be a family! We were able to get donor breast milk from a milk bank (we did not know this was possible until meeting Steph), as well as from other breastfeeding Moms that so graciously donated their extra breast milk to our daughter during that time. Steph taught us so many ways to comfort and nurture our daughter with our bodies, even though we weren’t lactating ourselves. And she taught us how to properly handle the donated breast milk as well as the best way to feed it to our daughter with a bottle. I have no doubt that the bond my husband and I have with our daughter was made that much more special and intense with Steph’s help. Our family loves Steph very much. These two Dads could not be more grateful.” 

— P.R. and A.B.


L.G.B.T.Q.Q.I.P.2S.A.A. supportive

L.G.B.T.Q.Q.I.P.2S.A.A. supportive

Advanced training in oral habilitation of the breastfeeding / chestfeeding dyad

Advanced training in oral habilitation of the breastfeeding / chestfeeding dyad

International board certified lactation consultant

International board certified lactation consultant

Featured speaker, uslca annual conference 2019

Featured speaker, uslca annual conference 2019



“Genuine and patient”

“Stephanie is wonderful! I just had my first child and had a nightmare experience in the hospital. After having an emergency C-Section I was left emotionally and physically exhausted and stressed since my baby wouldn't latch. After 4 stressful and unsuccessful days in the hospital trying to latch I started to research help. Getting in touch with Stephanie was an absolute Godsend! She is a wealth of knowledge and immediately makes you and your baby comfortable. It's been a few weeks from my first visit with her and my baby is doing amazing! She is latching and gaining weight appropriately. I can't thank her enough for changing our lives just as I was about to give up. Thank you, Stephanie, for being so genuine, patient, and helping me fulfill my goal to breastfeed.” 

— A.P.

“Steph is the BEST!”

"Stephanie is absolutely amazing! Her kindness, patience, and understanding are a few of her wonderful qualities. Anyone who gets to work with Stephanie is a better person for it! Hurry up and call her, Steph is the BEST!!!" 

— D.W.